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We are Mioe Studio

We make things.

Mioe Studio is the creative partnership of Mike (Mi) and Chloe (oe)... Mi-oe 🙌  

Our set-up is simple, we illustrate then we animate, but if you only need one or the other that's still ok.  


Chloe is an animator with a natural eye for movement and a stickler for details, working with clients such as Google, Samsung and Experian. With a BSc (hons) in Psychology, Chloe brings her fresh approach and analytical mind to form one half of Mioe in their Sheffield studio.


Mike is an experienced illustrator, having worked in design studios in London and Brighton, providing illustrations for Nike, Disney Nature and Penguin Books along the way. Mike now works as one half of creative duo Mioe in their own studio in Sheffield.

Take a look at our Show Reel

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